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Windy has been a synonym for quality, durability and performance since 1951. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, the equipment of this traditional Muay Thai gear producer will turn you into a true champion. We offer various Muay Thai boxing gloves - from MMA to velcro fastened training gloves or laced gloves for professional fighters. This is far from the end of the story! We also carry high quality sparring gloves and punch mitts, teardrop bags made of genuine leather, as well as a wide selection of Muay Thai shorts. Windy is well respected among Muay Thai trainers for the fantastic quality of kicking pads, focus mitts and heavy bags.

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Windy Gel Handwraps - black/red
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PRODUCT TYPE: Hand Wraps & Tapes


Windy Gel Handwraps - black/red These Windy gel hand wraps are made of neoprene and attached with a velcro strap. They are very easy and fast to put on. Used mostly in place of hand wraps.

Adult $25.35 14 pcs in stock pcs to order

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