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Punch Mitts & Strike Shields

Boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing or karate, with all these sports you need punch mitts and strike shields, which can very effectively minimize the pain from a punch. Punch mitts and strike shields are generally made from leather, synthetic leather, or hardened vinyl. These quality materials provide a tough absorbent layer, which can withstand a number of punches or kicks. Punch mitts come in various sizes, depending on how they are used in training. Smaller ones tend to be used for punches and quick body work, while large punch mitts that cover the entire forearm are more suitable for leg work in Thai boxing.

Boxing punch mitts are an integral part of any training session that emphasizes speed and reactions with a sparring partner. We offer round and oval boxing punch mitts, made from high­-quality materials filled with foam. Boxing punch mitts are worn on the trainer’s hand; when instructed, the boxer tries to hit the punch mitts at a regular speed.

What punch mitt to choose

Our customers also often want punch mitts for Thai boxing, which have two tongues to give a more distinctive sound when they are hit; these help to train speed and precision when kicking and punching.

Any well-equipped gym has punch mitts for kicks, made from solid vinyl and with safe rounded corners and straps at the back for greater training variability. A properly equipped dojo has quality punch mitts on the wall, for practicing transmitting energy into punches and training regularity in individual kicks.  

You could, for example, try our MMA punch mitts, which are lightweight and are suitable for all combat sports. Also, the new Fighter punch mitts are specially designed strike shields, which trainers will particularly appreciate as they make training safer for the hand. The filling inside provides greater protection when punching and kicking. The aerodynamic padding ensures the mitt fits more comfortably on the hand. Leather protects the fingertips.

Don’t forget hand protection, either

When ordering boxing punch mitts don’t forget to order quality boxing gloves, too, suitable for kickboxing, boxing and Thai boxing. The boxing gloves we offer are made from high-quality materials, with an emphasis on precious design.

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