Small Focus Mitts with Peter Cunningham - Part 1

This partner drill is exercised with small focus mitts that are usually around 8 to 11 Inches in height or diameter. The pads are light and allow Peter Cunningham to move his hands quickly and without fatigue. The smaller the mitts the higher the demand for precision and focus on the fighter's side.

Start position Start of drill: Peter and his partner are assertive of the first command at the House of Champions.

jab Raising left, front mitt for jab to achieve distance.

switch focus mitts tilt and angle Pivot the same mitt holding hand to be hit from a 90 degree angle.

Left hook on pads Left hook hits the pad. Observe proper pivoting of his partner's front foot while shifting body weight into the punch.

weaving Peter is placing the mitts on his mid section. His partner shifts his weight to the opposite side while droping down defensively (weaving) and preparing to hit the mid section.

left hook to body Partner executes a left look to the pad placed in front of Peter's body.

rear leg low-kick Finalizing combination with a leg-kick from the rear while shifting weight into the opponent and preparing to exit the drill.

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