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Trolley sports bags are popular with sports people who go on trips or attend sports competitions that last for several days. They are spacious enough to hold a large amount of normal and training clothes and accessories when traveling to competitions or going abroad. Our sports bags have robust wheels with bearings, meaning they move quietly and smoothly, even over longer distances. The bags can be adaptively expanded simply by unfastening the zip, which enlarges the main pocket to give several liters of extra volume. Trolley sports bags also have back straps, so they can be worn as a backpack.

What to look out for when choosing a trolley sports bag

Travel trolley sports bags come under the most strain when wheeled over uneven surfaces. So, pay attention to the wheels, which must have bearings and be adequately covered at the side. In general, the bag should look robust enough to protect its contents, even when transported by air.

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Inner and outer bag layout

Make sure the compartments inside the bag are arranged conveniently, so you can store your guards and protectors, small pieces of sports equipment and boots separately from your normal clothing. Practical accessories include mesh pockets, where you can put your sweaty clothes after a match.

What size of trolley sports bag to choose

The dimensions of trolley bags are given for their maximum outer size. Our bags can be enlarged inside, by unfastening our adaptive zip system. If you want to take a bag as hand luggage onto a plane, check the sizes permitted by your airline beforehand.

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TOP TEN  Trolley with Backpack

TOP TEN Trolley with Backpack

The new and very spacious Top Ten TROLLEY bag on wheels in a classic black and red finish. This model can be used for...

Color: black

Material: polyester/nylon

In stock: Yes


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