Taking part in tournaments and fighting competitively generates extremely high demands on the safety of protective gear and durability of apparel. For the benefit of fighters' safety Olympic sports organizations have created strict rules for approved equipment, gear and apparel. Leading brands are baerers of standards that have been tested by experts in sports, fighting, medical and matrial sciences. Untested brands can't be used in official competition.

As a benefit for practinioners approved equipment is available for purchase by everybody through Fighters Inc. We are proud to partner with brands who meet and exceed the highest standards in competitive fighting sports to make martial arts a fair and safe experience for everybody.

 AIBA Boxing
The International Boxing association has been the first institution to develop extensive testing methods for boxing gloves and headguards in cooperation with universities and manufacturers. TopTen headguards and boxing gloves have been approved and tested since 40 years and been official equipment at many Olympic Games since 1992 in Barcelona.
The founder of WAKO has often been called the "Father of European Kickboxing": Georg F. Brückner. As being a pioneer of Taekwondo he did not just start WAKO but also created TopTen safety equipment to make kickboxing a safer sport. TopTen headgears, kicks and kickboxing gloves are the choice of most K-1, fullcontact, point fighting and light-contact World Champions inside the only sanctioning body for kickboxing that has received recognition by the International Olympic Commitee.
Olympic Karate Uniform
High speed attacks and moves create tremendous demands on traditional karate uniforms, karate gloves and foot protectors. We proudly distribute Hayashi gear exclusively in the USA. Hayashi Karate uniforms make kumite and kata an exciting new experience. Hayashi karate gloves, shin and foot protectors provide the reliable padding that is needed for sparring and competition.
As an alternative to the Olympic sport of TKD, the North Korean version of Taekwon-Do is allowing its fighters to wear safety gear that protects them to make it a safer sport. TopTen's founder Georg F. Brückner was one of the first Taekwon-Do black belts who were rewarded their ranks from TKD grand master General Choi Hong He, personally. His experience as an pioneer in the Korean martial art has driven him to design equipment that was tailor-made for TKD as a contact sport.