Power Wall Training Concept

We are exited to bring a completely new way to train. When we started to develop Power Wall training concept, we wanted to create splendid experience for collective training in gyms as well as home workout.

The Power Wall is designed as a modular platform. This allows you to make up with dozens of combinations suitable for different students from kids and juniors to professionals.

The base of the power wall is made of four solid boards covered with high-quality velcro.  It guarantees long service life. The board is the only thing that needs to be attached to the wall. The board can be attached on the wall according your needs.

When you have the boards attached to the wall you can place the shields and mitts wherever you want and make a good placement for your technique or combination. The mitts and shields are made of durable and washable material and equipped with velcro all over the back side which can be very easily attached to the Power Wall boards.


Use the mitts and shield to make your training enjoyable.  We recommend the combination of small round targets for reaction training. The dummy shield can be used for all different techniques such as punches, jabs, uppercuts, hooks but also for the snap round-kicks . There are simply no limits to your imagination!  

Power Wall is completely designed and manufactured in Europe, the Czech Republic. The materials come from Europe and are carefully selected and tested.

  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Quality materials
  • Easy installation
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Endless combinations