Ladies Kick-Light Fight

Traveling to Europe for participation in competition has grown more and more popular over the past decades. Long gone is the time when kickboxing developed differenly in the Americas compared to Europe. The Czech Open in Prague is one of the outstanding European tournaments for tatami sports in WAKO kickboxing. It allows participants to safely join and participate in many different fighting styles. It's an open tournament that allows everybody to participate while it is supervised and governed by the rules of WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations.

Children competition

Juniors and Cadets compete in Kick-Light competition

The tournament has a rich history. A 26 year long tradition of yearly competition in point fighting, continuous light contact, kick-light and creative forms. Its pool of participants is very international with fighters from all over Europe attending on a yearly basis.

Tournament Flyer: Czech Open 2019

 The city of Prague has a lot to offer for tourists. The Czech capital is famous for its historic city that includes two castles and cathedrals and the beautiful old city. Since October is already off-season accommodation is very affordable. Food is good and cheap. Combining a tournament with a cultural trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is certainly a great thing.

We highly recommend the Czech Open as a torunament for all ages.