Vegan Friendly Boxing Gloves

Punch your enemy and save the animals. Vegans and animal lovers have high ethics when it comes to choosing sports equipment. Here at Fighters Inc. we support vegan lifestyles and thrive to add more products without animal sourced materials with every new factory order. To start off with a series of articles about our vegan-friendly training equipment we are displaying alternatives for boxing gloves.

fitness girl

 Ultimate Women Fight gloves empowering vegan females.

Ladies first: Women are the lucky ones, because the highest quality vegan boxing glove in our item list is tailor-made to fit the needs of female fighters. The Top Ten Ultimate Lady Fight model is based on a bespoke glove model that is being used for Olympic boxing since 1992 when Top Ten became an official supplier to the Olympic Games in Barcelona (Oscar De La Hoya won the Gold medal). It has an ultra-shock absorbing padding that is molded in one piece and always maintains its structure and position. It is modeled for the anatomy of women's hands with a more compact hand and finger compartment. The cuff is roundly shaped to apply solid carpal support to the wrist. Nubuk2 synthetic leather is used as surface material. It holds up as professionally as leather and is probably more durable, more hygienic and all of that without much maintenance. A vegan glove made for high performance and priced to empower vegan women. Believe it or not, but the same glove for men is almost twice as expensive.

sparring boxing gloves
Ladies Ultimate Fight comes in two different version.
From 8 to 14 oz with wide single velcro and in 16 oz with double velcro straps.

Budget Fighter: Beginners and intermediate fighters who are on a budget are probably the target groups for Fighter PU boxing gloves. This budget version of a boxing glove is very basic in design, but its quality is fine enough to last pretty long. PU is extremely water resistant and reflects any moist. It can be wiped dry with a towel and therefore earns a plus for being hygienic. The padding of these gloves is very good and will last for some time providing good protection even in hard sparring. A strong velcro strap makes them fit without fatigue. A similar model is the vegan Muay Thai glove SIAM with increased padding for the wrist.

children size

Fighter PU gloves start with 6 oz versions for children and increase in size to adults every 2 oz and up to 14 oz.

Vegan Kickboxing Gloves. For many decades Top Ten is the market leader in amateur kickboxing competition (WAKO). The most widely sold kickboxing glove on amateur tournaments is the Top Ten XLP. It's also made from Nubuk2 synthetic leather. It has more of a flat shape and is known for its long backhand padding that is popular for being used in defensive moves. When you block hard kicks in Muay Thai and kickboxing this extra long padding will add extra protection for hands and wrists. XLP stands for extra long padding. This glove is easy to open and close and comes in adult sizes from 10 oz up to 16 oz. Beware: Some models are made from leather and those made from synthetic Nubuk2.

The differernt colours of Top Ten XLP kickboxing gloves.

We have various other vegan-friendly boxing gloves in out catalogue should the ones mentioned above may not appeal to you. A rising percentage of our gloves are made from synthetic materials. We love animals and hope sports organizations around the World will cut back and rule out the use of animal sourced materials in the near future.



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