Spectacular Worldtitle win for Mexico's Melissa Martinez Aceves
Aceves celebrates her victory with her team of coaches and Ferdnando Granados (left).


Mexican kickboxing sensation Melissa Martinez Aceves fought hard to qualify for the finals at the WAKO amateur kickboxing world championships in Italy's Palasport arena of Jesolo. Each of her three elimination opponents pressured Mely into withstanding attacks and striking back like a true champion as the degree of heat turned during all of the 3 rounds of -52 Kg combat per fight.

WAKO K1 women

Aceves attacking Iwona Nieroda-Zdziebko with an axekick.

Melissa moved inside when her Polish opponent Iwona Nieroda-Zdziebko tried to attack and pushed back. The talented Polish girl was able to execute with good kicks, but as the Mexican altered angles she she wasn't able to withstand the force from her Latina adversary. Aceves countered with force and moved inside while altering her angle. Like a female version of boxing legend Roberto Duran she made sure to keep the heat on her opponent while taking advantage of even the smallest instances of imbalance.

Melissa Martinez Aceves

Kicking her way through Shir Cohen from Israel. Mely Aceves makes her way though an early elimination fight.

As Aceves moved up to the next fight where she faced .... she became even more determined to win. She returned each and every attack with a fierce countermove that left no opportunity for rest. Aceves may not have been as skilled as some of her adversaries but she made up with will power, constant movement and by showing strength.

Mexican kickboxingDetermined and highly concentrated while pushing forward against her opponent: Aceves (left)

The true test of her abilities came during the final fight when she had to face Slovakia's Monika Chochlikova, a slender and tall woman with lots of experience and a significant reach advantage. Mely pressed on and fought as if she were the stronger woman, which she was. Needless to say she won a clear decision over her Slovak adversary.

After the event Mely Aceves was rewarded athlete of the month of October 2021 on the official website for the World Games competition. Maybe a good omen for the Mexican student. According to statistics she took silver during her first participation at the World Games in Wroclaw in 2017. The second time might be her big chance to be the first Mexican female to win the World Games in K1 kickboxing.

world champion -52kg

Monika Chochlikova watches on as Mely is declared the new world champion.

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