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Top Ten Black White Mesh uniform 1605 model
Top Ten Black White Mesh uniform 1605 model

Top Ten Black White Mesh uniform 1605 model

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Item number: 1605 W
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Item number: 1605 W
Color: black/white
Material: mesh

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Color: Black, White mesh, Blue trim

Material: polyamide, elastic, and mesh

Top Ten Black White Mesh uniform 1605 model
Our most popular Black model with White mesh and Blue trim, is made of an ultra-light, polyamide material like satin. Polyamide will not stick to the body like old school satin material, polyamide repels moisture and is a quick dry material.

The TOP TEN logo is lightly embossed directly onto the fabric during the production process and highlights the main material.

A wide flexible mesh strip extends across the entire uniform top and around the enhanced elasticity V neck.  Then extends from under the arms through flank side area to the hips, providing way cooler side ventilation with maximum flexibility compared to old school solid style!  Adding to the increased upper body ventilation in the top, the pants provide greater air flow and cooling through a wide mesh side strip extending from the wide elastic draw string tie waistband to the cuff. A gusseted groin allows room to wear groin protectors and have freedom of movement when performing leg and knee techniques. Additional shiny satin strips along the top and pants mesh reinforce the ultra light material for added strength, durability, and flash as you execute....

  • modern fabrics that dry quickly and repel moisture
  • extremely light weight and comfortable to wear
  • maximum flexibility panels allow freedom of movement
  • low-maintenance and easily cleaned
  • cooling mesh ventilation in multiple areas



Variant Size Weight Height
000 (110) Kids 3-4 years 22-44lb. 3'7''-3'9'' 110-118cm
00 (120) Kids 4-6 years 44-66lb. 3'9''-4'1'' 118-125cm
0 (130) Kids 8-10 years 66-77lb. 4'1''-4'5'' 125-137cm
1 (140) Kids 10-12 years 77-88lb. 4'5''-4'9'' 137-149cm
2 (150) XS 88-99lb. 4'9''-5'1'' 149-155cm
3 (160) S 110-132lb. 5'1''-5'4'' 155-165cm
4 (170) M 132-154lb. 5'4''-5'8'' 165-176cm
5 (180) L 154-187lb. 5'8''-6' 176-182cm
6 (190) XL 187-209lb. 6'-6'2'' 182-189cm
7 (200) XXL 209-243lb. 6'2''-6'6'' 189-200cm

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