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Fighter Kicks
Fighter Kicks

Fighter Kicks

fighter fighter
Item number: F1455YB
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Item number: F1455YB
Color: yellow/black
Material: PU

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Fighter kicks with upgraded features are perfect for all kicking combat sports such as kickboxing, Taekwondo, point-fighting, sport karate, etc.

Subtle changes in design and material characteristics improve the overall performance and feel of the kick. One fantastic improvement is the soft, felt-like material lining the inside of the kick.

This material not only ads a bit more comfort, but is specifically designed to absorb sweat and moisture. Having a dry kick reduces slipping on the foot.

The low-rise design offers maximum foot rotation and mobility. Piping around the bottom of the kick has been upgraded not to fade from friction and increase overall kick flexibility. Industrial strapping creates an ‘x’ across the top of the foot and wraps around the foot arch to secure firmly to velcro on the back of the ankle.

- Soft moisture-absorbing lining
- Low-rise instep design
- Elastic toe-straps
- Durable and flexible new piping

Aproximate weight:

size XS - Each kick 6.5 oz

size S - Each kick 7.2 oz

size M - Each kick 7.4 oz

size M/L - Each kick 7.9 oz

size L - Each kick 8.1 oz

size XL - Each kick 8.4 oz

size XXL - Each kick 9.1 oz

A in cm 23,5 26 27,5 29 30,5 32
B in cm 17,5 19,5 21 23,5 25 25,5
A in inch 9.3 10.2 10.8 11.4 12 12.6
B in inch 6.9 7.7 8.3 9.3 9.8 10
UK size* 5,5 7,5 9 10,5 12 13,5
US size* 6 8 9,5 11 12,5 14

*Sizes may slightly vary due to the fact that the products are hand crafted and may incur a small difference!

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