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Fight suit TOP TEN -uniform- 1681-661GD
Fight suit TOP TEN -uniform- 1681-661GD

Fight suit TOP TEN -uniform- 1681-661GD

topten topten
Item number: 1681-661GD
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Item number: 1681-661GD
Color: black/blue
Material: polyester

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TopTen Fight Uniform
This Limited Edition Neon model is new.
It follows the same pattern as the 1681 model. However, the main material is not poly-mesh.
It has been replaced with the lightweight polyamide material resembling the feel of satin. Also, the color scheme has been updated for a modern look.
Other benefits of the uniforms construction include full mesh arms with stripes of mesh extending down the sides and pants. The uniform dries quickly and is moisture repellant. It is sure to be a favorite for competitors.

The benefits are obvious:
• new innovative fabrics
• very comfortable to wear
• very light with a great freedom of movement
• moisture repellent and air-permeable
• low-maintenance, dries quickly

Variant Size Weight Height
000 (110) Kids 3-4 years 22-44lb. 3'7''-3'9'' 110-118cm
00 (120) Kids 4-6 years 44-66lb. 3'9''-4'1'' 118-125cm
0 (130) Kids 8-10 years 66-77lb. 4'1''-4'5'' 125-137cm
1 (140) Kids 10-12 years 77-88lb. 4'5''-4'9'' 137-149cm
2 (150) XS 88-99lb. 4'9''-5'1'' 149-155cm
3 (160) S 110-132lb. 5'1''-5'4'' 155-165cm
4 (170) M 132-154lb. 5'4''-5'8'' 165-176cm
5 (180) L 154-187lb. 5'8''-6' 176-182cm
6 (190) XL 187-209lb. 6'-6'2'' 182-189cm
7 (200) XXL 209-243lb. 6'2''-6'6'' 189-200cm

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