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COBRA GUNNING KIT - Long Elastic Battle Ropes

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Designed for team training and small group training (due to multiple ropes, belts and carabiners), but can be used in one-on-one sessions too. Hard and highly effective training for full body with elastic battle ropes. Offers hundreds of exercises and workouts for full body conditioning like battle rope exercises, jumps, accelerations, rotations, takedowns, sprints, striking and strength training in general.

Possible to train 2 people with one unit at the same time. Can be used in PT training too, but gives the option to use it in small group team / boot camps due to all accessories doubled up.

Who is it for:

PT, teams, bootcamps (can be used outdoors and can be cleaned if needed)

Free workout and exercise database at

Available resistance option:

  • 300 Newtons
    • suitable for fitness (for men, women, youth)
    • recommended for 90% of use cases
    • rough equivalent of 30 kg/66 lbs force per one rope at maximum length 

 Training benefits:

  • Full body training (sprints, waving, slamming, jumps, squats, athletic drills, push and pull exercises, rotations, lower body exercises, ...)
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Athletic principles, core engagement, HIIT training burns lot of calories
  • Speed up metabolism
  • High energy expenditure, muscle toning & pumping
  • Develop speed, acceleration, strength, and power

GUN-eX® ropes features:

  • Handcrafted in Europe, high safety standards and the most durable materials guaranteed
  • Safety sleeve made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA, military grade straps, parachute threads
  • Variable anchoring
  • Climbing carabiners tested for extreme forces, lockable to prevent loss or theft
  • Body attachments padded with neoprene for comfort
  • GUN-eX® mobile training app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store 

 What is included:

  • 2x COBRA rope
  • 2x hip belt
  • 2x locking carabiner
  • 1x user manual

Technical info:

Rope length

18 ft (5.5 m)

Maximum length

40 ft (12 m)

Sufficient length for use

~ 30ft (9m - 10m)

Package weight

11lbs (5 kg)


Light 300 N, ~ 66 lbs (30 kg) force per rope

Safety sleeve


Anchor, straps

military grade, parachute threads


Steel and aluminium, lockable



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    COBRA GUNNING KIT - Long Elastic Battle Ropes

    COBRA GUNNING KIT - Long Elastic Battle Ropes